About Spokies

Spokies is Oklahoma City’s only bike share program, and one of the best ways to cruise around downtown and many of the city’s most exciting neighborhoods. With eight conveniently located stations, it’s an easy, accessible, and fun way to take on your daily commute, tour the city, get to and from concerts and games, or meet up with friends without dealing with parking. When you stay within the 30 minute ride time for walk-up users or 60-minutes for pass holders, it’s the most affordable way to travel in and around OKC.

As a member of the EMBARK family of transit services, Spokies aims to provide riders with a healthy, affordable, eco-friendly transit option in Oklahoma City.

EMBARK has contracted with Bicycle Transit Systems for the ongoing operations and maintenance management of the system.


The City of Oklahoma City launched its Spokies bike share program on Friday, May 18, 2012, at which time it was managed by Downtown Oklahoma City, Inc. The Spokies program began with an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block grant administered by the City of Oklahoma City’s Office of Sustainability. This grant was designed to promote energy efficiency, including alternative methods of transportation. Spokies has been part of EMBARK since August 1, 2014.

Quick Facts

Bicycling provides a total body workout, using every major muscle group during your ride! Plus, the activity is therapeutic for the cardiovascular system. Each Spokies ride contributes to your better health.