Spokies Pricing

Checking out OKC for the first time or commuting through town each day? Choose the package that fits your ride style!

Walk-up, or single trips are just $3.50 per half hour. Choose a Monthly, Annual Pass or 2-Day Pass for unlimited 60-minute rides for the duration of your plan.


Pass Holders have Advantages

Annual Pass: $70 + applicable usage fees (includes Spokies Fob)

Monthly Pass: $9.95 + applicable usage fees

2-Day Pass: $9.00 + applicable usage fees

Explorer's Pass: $9.00 per day+ applicable usage fees. (Unlimited number or 3 hour rides)

All pass holders get an unlimited number of 1-hour rides (except the Explorer's Pass which includes unlimited 3 hour rides per day). Annual pass holders are the best deal for Spokies’ most frequent riders! Buy yours now using a credit card* and ride today! Once you have signed up, a Spokies Fob will be mailed to you the following day. Please allow 2-3 business days for it to reach you. If you want it sooner, give us a call at (405) 598-7433 to make arrangements to pick it up during regular business hours at Santa Fe Station, 110 S E K Gaylord. The pass is activated the first time you use it. Better yet, get the Spokies mobile app. There is no need for a fob to check out a bike for pass holders with the mobile app.

Walk-up Pass

Passes for 30-minute rides can be purchased at any Spokies station kiosk with a credit card*. Come back as often as you like, or consider saving with one of the Spokies pass options.

Usage Fees

For walk-up rides, purchased at a kiosk, each 30-minute ride is $3.50. For pass holders, the first 60 minutes of each ride is included, but rides exceeding 60 minutes incur usage fees of $1.75 per additional 30 minutes. Watch the clock and you’ll never pay usage fees!

We won’t charge you more than $80.50 per day in usage fees.

Stolen or Lost Bike Fee

Users will incur a non-refundable $1,000 fee, charged to the credit card on file, if the bike isn’t returned after 48 hours. Consider that you can buy a fancy, brand new bike all your own for that amount! Help us keep Spokies rolling and don’t forget to return your bike on time.

*Spokies station kiosks do not accept cash or debit cards. Only credit cards will be accepted. Spokies does not accept American Express.

Quick Facts

Bicycling provides a total body workout, using every major muscle group during your ride! Plus, the activity is therapeutic for the cardiovascular system. Each Spokies ride contributes to your better health.