Frequently Asked Questions


How do I use the Spokies system?

There are three easy ways to get signed up: A) register here for a one-year or one-month membership. B) visit a Spokies kiosk for 30-minute rides. C) visit us at Historic Union Station, located at 300 SW 7th St to sign up the old fashioned way. (Office hours: Monday – Friday, excluding holidays, from 9 am to 4 pm.)

Is a security deposit taken when I become a pass holder?

No deposit is required. However, all users must have a valid credit card associated with their account. We do not accept American Express or debit cards.

I joined online. Can I use the service right away?

Yes, just take the credit card that’s associated with your membership to a Spokies kiosk. Once there, swipe your card and select a bike. Don’t worry – you will not be charged twice.

A Spokies Fob will be assigned to you and mailed from Union Station the following business day. If you would like to pick it up from Union Station (300 SW 7th St), please call 598-7433 to make arrangements before it is mailed. This fob will be used to access a Spokies bike at all locations. It can be used in place of a credit card at any Spokies bike dock.

When will I receive my Spokies fob?

For pass holders, in 2-3 business days you should receive your Spokies fob by mail or you can make arrangements to pick it up at Historic Union Station (300 SW 7th St) during regular business hours. This fob will be used to access your Spokies bike at all stations. It can be used in place of a credit card at any Spokies bike dock.

I received my Spokies fob! Now what?

You are ready to ride! No need to activate your fob – that’s already been done. Take your fob to any Spokies station and select a bike. Remember, the first hour is included with your pass. Each additional 30 minutes will be charged $1.75. So remember to dock the bike before your hour is up. Then, just check it out again.

Can I lend my Spokies fob to someone else?

You could, but we certainly would not recommend it! Remember, your credit card is associated with your account. Only you will be responsible for any additional charges, damages, or loss that occurs at any time when your fob is used -- whether or not you were the user.

Can I purchase an annual or monthly pass if I don’t have internet access?

Sure, come by our office in the Historic Union Station located at 300 SW 7th St, or give us a call at (405) 598-7433.

I only want to ride occasionally, do I need to become a pass holder?

If you only plan to be a casual user, just use your credit card to check out a bike at any kiosk on the days you want to ride. Walk-up trips are $3.50 per half hour.


Are rides free?

If you’re a Spokies pass holder, 60-minute rides are part of your plan, so there are no extra charges as long as the bike is checked in within 60 minutes. Walk-up users are charged $3.50 per half hour. See all Spokies pricing and packages.

If I am a Spokies pass holder, how will I be charged after the first 60 minutes of a ride?

The usage fee is $1.75 for every 30 minutes the bike is checked out after the initial 60-minute ride. Maximum usage fees will not exceed $80.50 per day.

Bikes not returned after 48 hours will be presumed lost, and the credit card associated with the account will be charged a non-refundable fee of $1,000.

How will I be billed for my pass and usage fees?

All fees will be charged to the credit card associated with your pass. Charges will appear on your statement from OKC BIKE RENTAL PROGRAM OKLAHOMA CITY OK.

Are fees refundable?

All fees are non-refundable. However, should service issues arise during the use of the system, please contact Customer Service immediately at (405) 598-7433 or by email.


What else should I know about Spokies bikes?

The bikes are made by Trek Bicycle Corporation, Waterloo, Wisconsin, a leading manufacturer of city, mountain and road bikes. They are designed specifically for bike share and are capable of getting you from Midtown to Bricktown or Deep Deuce to the Arts District in comfort and style. The seats are adjustable for just about everyone (5' - 6'2"), and there is a basket on the front that will hold up to 20 pounds. Equipped with a Shimano twist shifter and Nexus 3-speed internal gear hub, Shimano all-weather internal brakes and a bell.

What about the kiosks?

The Spokies docks and kiosks use state-of-the-art equipment from B-Cycle, LLC, Waterloo, Wisconsin. You can read instructions, make your selections, and swipe your credit card or Spokies fob at each kiosk.

Do the bikes fit everyone?

Pretty much. The bikes have a mid-sized frame to allow for a comfortable ride, and the seats are adjustable up and down to accommodate longer or shorter legs. If you’re shorter than five feet tall, you might have some difficulty.

How long can I take out a bike?

The Spokies service is designed to be a transportation method moving you from one downtown Oklahoma City location to another, thus the 30-minute rental period for walk-up users and 60-minute period for pass holders. Additional fees of $3.50 per 30 minutes for walk-up users and $1.75 per 30 minutes for pass holders are applied after the initial period. If you’re looking for a leisurely ride or an afternoon of exploring, we would suggest renting from a traditional bike rental program, which can be found on the river at the Chesapeake Boathouse or in the Automobile Alley district at Schlegel Bicycles.

What should I do with the bike if I go into a business or restaurant during my rental time (How to use the bike lock)?

Our bikes are equipped with a lock, in the basket, which may be used to secure bikes outside of a station, at another bike rack. Pull the end of the lock out of the basket and go around the secure bike rack or pole and then into the lock tumbler hole located under the basket. When the lock is engaged, the black key with the big B will then disengage and can be pulled out. Take this with when you go, as it is the key to unlocking your bike when you return.

Ready to unlock the bike, insert the key and turn. The cable should disengage from the lock. Leave the cable and key where you found them in the bike and you are ready to continue your ride to your next destination of station.You are still responsible for the bike and incurring usage fees until the bike is returned to a station and available for another customer to share the bike.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

There is no requirement to wear a helmet, though it is certainly recommended for your safety. Helmets can be purchased at Schlegel Bicycles on Broadway, Melon Bicycles on N. Portland or Celestial Cycles on Hefner Rd.. Spokies does not provide helmets.

Can I check-out more than one bike with my pass or my credit card?

You can check out up to four bikes with a credit card. Keep in mind that all charges for additional time or damages to a bike will be the cardholder’s responsibility. You can only check out one bike per pass.


What do I do if the bike isn’t working properly?

Whether or not the malfunction was your fault, please dock your bike at the nearest Spokies station and use the kiosk to report the problem. If docking isn’t immediately available or the bike will no longer fit into the dock properly, call (405) 598-7433 to report your service issue. If the bike damage occurred during normal riding or was due to a road hazard, you will not be charged. If the damage is determined to be due to negligence on the part of the rider, Spokies staff will contact you about repair costs.

What do I do if there are no empty docks when I want to return my bike?

Go to the kiosk and insert your credit card or Spokies fob. This will provide additional riding time to get to the next station.

What do I do if there are no bikes available at my station?

Check out bike availability online with our real-time status map, showing you the number of available bikes and open docks at all Spokies stations. We are always making adjustments to the bicycle inventory based upon demand and will do our best to ensure that situation rarely occurs.

My Spokies fob isn’t working. What do I do?

Give us a call at (405) 598-7433 or contact us by email and we’ll determine what’s causing the problem and make the necessary corrections. In the meantime, just use the credit card that you used for your Spokies fob to go ahead and check out a bike.

My Spokies bike has been lost or stolen! What do I do?

Report this to us immediately by calling (405) 598-7433. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the safekeeping of the bicycle at all times, so you may be liable for costs associated with the recovery or replacement of the bicycle. Even if the bike is recovered after you have been charged the $1,000 loss fee, you will still not receive a refund.

I’ve had an accident involving my Spokies bike. What do I do?

If there are injuries, call 911 immediately. Call us at (405) 598-7433 and alert us of the issue as quickly as possible. Exchange and collect information with any affected or associated parties or witnesses. If possible, return your bike to a Spokies station. If that is not possible, secure the bicycle until you make contact with a Spokies representative to arrange the return. Learn more about safe riding.

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