How it Works

1. Choose your price and package.

Pricing is determined by how often you’ll ride with Spokies. Pass holders enjoy unlimited 60-minute rides for the duration of your plan.

Casual, or walk-up, users can purchase 30-minute rides at the station.

More frequent users can purchase monthly and annual passes right here. Annual pass holders receive a unique Spokies fob to check out a Spokies bike. Get the mobile app and check out a bike from your smart phone.

2. Find a Spokies station.

See system map to find one of the eight Spokies stations nearest you and get real-time availability of our bikes.

3. Use your Spokies fob at the dock, swipe your credit card at the kiosk, or use the Spokies mobile app.

Initiate a check-out at the station kiosk by swiping your credit card. Spokies pass holders check out a bike at a dock by pressing the button to "wake up" the dock and then holding your fob over the lit panel. Pass holders can also use the Spokies mobile app to check out a bike.

4. Select a bike and go for a ride.

Choose which Spokies bike you want to ride use your fob or enter its dock number on the kiosk’s keypad. The bike’s lock will release, initiating the start of a ride. Remove the bike and you’re ready to cruise OKC!

5. Watch the clock.

Your ride is free when you return the Spokies bike to any station within the rental period. Quick rides will help you to avoid usage fees of $3.50 per half hour ($1.75 for Monthly or Annual pass holders). We’ve got more details on our pricing page.

6. Return your bike.

Once you’ve finished the ride, return the bike to any open dock at any Spokies station. Be sure to wait for the three beeps to indicate a locked bike (which ends a ride). Check-out another bike on the spot or come back later when you’re ready to ride again.

Quick Facts

The first 400 miles a bike is ridden covers its initial carbon footprint, and continued use of a bicycle leaves no carbon footprint. Riding a Spokies bike is the greenest mode of transportation in OKC.